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 ====== ​ WP3: Scientific Innovation ====== ====== ​ WP3: Scientific Innovation ======
 +In WP3 we will explore the innovative part in operating gliders. This work package will ensure that the proposed glider infrastructure can provide a system that allows European researchers to stay at the forefront of research development. This innovative part shall reflect on European SMEs and increase their skills and innovation potential. One task is to analyse and promote the use of new sensors and sensor combinations (synergy) on gliders to observe, in near real time, the marine environment and in particular in complex oceanic
 +regions (fronts, submesoscale features, under-ice observations) to address all of its components, including ecosystems. A second task will design a glider data portal (considering European standards, SeaDataNet) that is able to process and deliver the complex glider data. Similarities with Argo exist and will be exploited, but due to manifold sensors and parameters, knowledge of sensor quality, and high-frequency data telemetry (<1 hour) innovative solutions are required. The third task is devoted to the innovative communication and training, for the interested public, stakeholders,​ pupils, etc. Summary information from the three tasks will provide input for the general assessment and recommendations that will be done in WP1.
 =====Task 3.1. New contributions of gliders to marine research===== =====Task 3.1. New contributions of gliders to marine research=====

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